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India at doorstep of economic revival: RBI guv

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) governor Shaktikanta Das on Wednesday said that the Indian economy, which has been battered by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, is at the doorstep of revival. “We are almost at the doorstep of revival process and it’s very important that the financial entities have adequate capital (to support growth),” Das said at an event.

Why a Trump defeat may also hurt other leaders

Though many governments would likely celebrate the end of the most unconventional and at times chaotic US presidency of modern times, others will have reason to miss it. For the leaders of Turkey, North Korea and Israel, the ledger has been almost entirely positive. Trump’s ejection would confront them with immediate challenges.

Why PM is still popular despite Covid crisis

Modi backers blame others for India’s woes, and there is no shortage of targets: Federal bureaucrats, state govts, village leaders, opposition parties and even their fellow citizens. The PM has helped endear himself to India’s poor by meeting their daily needs like cooking gas etc, all while taking measures to bolster the status of the Hindu majority over religious minorities.


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